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We utilize the Barton Reading & Spelling System, which is a one-on-one tutoring system that helps learners overcome reading, writing, and spelling difficulties.  We specialize in learners who have been diagnosed with dyslexia. 

Our Expertise

At Learn to Learn, we utilize the Barton Reading & Spelling System to support our students. 


Additionally, for our students who need a stronger foundation before beginning Barton, we utilize Foundation in Sounds.

Barton Reading & Spelling System

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The Barton Reading and Spelling System is a structured language approach.  It is influenced by the multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham method which is centered around “what is taught” and “how it is taught.”

Foundation in Sounds

Foundation in Sounds is a program that specifically focuses on tricky letter sounds.  It works to improve a student's auditory discrimination, auditory memory size, and auditory sequencing skills.

What Our Families Say About Their Experience at Learn to Learn 

Our families are the heart of our business. Here's what some of them have to say about us:

"Learn to Learn has absolutely been critical in my child's education and her well being. They have helped transform my 2nd grader who avoided anything academic into a 7th grader who is managing her own school life with far less assistance. She is no longer afraid of reading, school, and academic challenge after determining she was dyslexic just before 2nd grade. I could not more highly recommend this experience. The service can be expensive for some families, but in our case, was absolutely worth any investment in my child's happiness."

Sara, Learn to Learn Parent

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